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Prophetic words 2015/2016

Bill Byers shared Kingdom Glimpses’ post.

December 31, 2015

Kingdom Glimpses

As I was seeking the Lord concerning direction for the year 2016, I felt impressed to reread the prophetic words I released in a series of 7 posts in January 2015. As I was reading those posts, I realized several things. First, the things I shared for 2015 were actually much more long term than just one year. They are still valid and applicable for the extended season in which we are living. In other words, they are for 2016 also. Second, I evaluated how I had walked in the counsel of the Lord and saw that when I followed it, then I had stepped into the promises of the prophetic word. In the areas where I failed to follow the Holy Spirit’s counsel concerning 2015, the lean years continued and even got leaner. In 2016, therefore, I will take steps of repentance with the confidence that God’s prosperity and peace will attend my way.

I will share some things in the opening days of January concerning 2016. But on this last day of 2015, I urge you to reread the things I wrote last January. Give thanks to God for leading you this year, and repent when you realize that you didn’t follow his counsel and position yourself for his blessings. The 2015 posts are combined below:


Over the next several days I will be posting what the Lord has been showing me for 2015. Genesis 47:27 says: “So Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions there and grew and multiplied exceedingly.” What you read in this verse is what I see for the church in 2015.

A few weeks ago the French prophet, Pierre Daniel Martín, reminded me of a prophetic word that he had released around the time that the Twin Towers fell in New York City in 2001. That word referenced the seven fat and plentiful years and the seven lean years that occurred in Egypt during the days of Joseph. That prophetic word had declared that with the fall of the Twin Towers we were entering seven years of plenty and that in 2008 the seven lean years would begin. Although I had actually forgotten about this word, I immediately saw how that it had been played out before our eyes in the last thirteen years. Indeed, since 2008 the church and indeed the entire world has been going through lean years. The good news is that the seven lean years end in 2015!

As I listened to Pierre Daniel, I began to connect the dots as God confirmed what I had been seeing for several weeks. 2015 will mark the beginning of a long season of prosperity, growth, and multiplication for the people of God in the midst of increasing distress and shaking in the world.

Saints, we may live in Egypt, but we are positioned in the country of Goshen when means “place of rain and abundance.” God is saying that you will prosper, grow, and multiply even though you are surrounded by darkness.

Pharaoh’s dream, which Joseph interpreted regarding the prosperous and lean years, took place in Egypt. Pharaoh was considered to be a god and Egypt represented the kingdom of darkness. Yet this was the place in which God chose to position the Israelites to prepare them for their destiny.

In 2015, embrace your Egypt (not its ways) for that is where you will find your destiny. Embrace it with faith and love and become the salt and light of your Egypt. Christian isolationism must end.

The word “Egypt” literally means “double distress.” It is related to the Hebrew word meaning “severe test.” The world has entered into a time of double distress and severe testing in which the shaking around the world will increase because the political, economic, cultural, and social structures that have been shaped by darkness will be under greater strain and begin to collapse even more. Judgment is not just at hand, it has already begun.

As long as Israel trusted in God while they were in Egypt, they flourished. When they began to trust in the systems of the land, they became slaves to the Egyptians. Those who trust in a political party, their government, or their national identity will become slaves. Those who trust in God, knowing that their citizenship is not of this world, will use the systems of Egypt but remain free, living in heaven’s reality.

In 2015 God is calling saints to be instruments of love, salt and light in a world that is shaking. As you step into that destiny, you will prosper, grow, and multiply. And the people who do not know Jesus will be drawn to him, for he is the light.

In 2015, the church must build on what God has been doing during the seven lean years. It was during that period that God moved Israel into Egypt. This repositioning marked a new direction in the life of Israel as God put new tools and new ideas into the hands of a new generation of leaders. Similarly, since 2008 God has been repositioning the church in equipping young leaders with new ideas. This new generation is already moving the church increasingly in an organic and missional direction that will reclaim the ancient ways and true inheritance of the people of God. They will lead every member to see themselves as a minister. The gifts of the Spirit will flow with increasing freedom in the streets, and corporate gatherings will become celebration and equipping times to release the saints into their daily calling.

For the people of God who have embraced the repositioning, 2015 will mark the end of the lean years and the beginning of a long season of prosperity, growth, and multiplication as Genesis 47:27 indicates. Finances will come into the hands of the saints for the advancing of God’s kingdom. To the extent that these finances are sown into God’s kingdom, they will increase. People, businesses, and ministries that are self-centered, however, will not be able to weather the economic storms that are coming. The economic bubble of United States will burst, but those who sow into the kingdom of God will continue to prosper.

With the ending of the lean years in 2015, there is the opening of a long season of growth and multiplication for the people of God. Yes, there will be double distress, anxiety, and shaking around us, but God’s people live by the rules of heaven, not Egypt. Businesses of believers will grow and multiply. They will provide employment for more people and become places where God will manifest his power. Believers will receive promotions in their secular jobs as they use those jobs to extend the love and grace of God.

Genesis 47:27 is upon us: “So Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions there and grew and multiplied exceedingly.”

In 2015, churches will experience new growth as they adapt to the organic and missional direction that the new generation is taking. Cell meetings in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and pubs will flourish as hungry people discover that they do not have to fit into a religious paradigm to encounter the Lord. Churches in large metropolitan areas will open new campuses around their cities to minister to unreached neighborhoods. Those campus churches will walk in tandem with the central church as fathers release, support, and oversee their sons in these ministries.

Churches with a kingdom agenda in smaller towns are key for the years ahead because they will touch the heart of their nation. In large cities, churches that step out of their four walls and enter the domains of politics, the arts, education, commerce, and health care with a kingdom agenda will influence the direction of the nation.

Attractional church models that form missional and organic wineskins to accompany their traditional wineskins will prosper and experience growth and multiplication. Those that do not adapt to missional living will become increasingly irrelevant in society.

It is time for spiritual fathers to release more and more into the hands of their sons. As they do, dreams and visions from decades past will begin to become a reality. The sons will be the instruments of God to build those dreams. Yet spiritual sons must not be far from their fathers. And fathers who place the work into the hands of their sons cannot retire from the field. Fathers and sons must walk closely together. Communication between fathers and sons is now more important than ever. Sons must pursue time with their fathers. Sons must insist on frequent communication with their fathers. Those who do not will find themselves taking unnecessary detours from the appointed path of the Lord, losing much of their inheritance. As fathers and sons actively engage in team ministry, the church will enter into the prosperity, growth, and multiplication that God has for his people.

The promise that 2015 is when a new season of prosperity, growth, and multiplication will begin does not mean that it will be easy. Difficult days lie ahead and the only security to be found is in the Lord. For too long Christians in the United States have identified more with their nation than with the Kingdom of God. The Jewish religious leaders who crucified Jesus did the same thing. Consequently, they missed the King when he came and they lost both the Kingdom and their nation. In 2015, God will begin crushing idols to bring his people to trust him alone.

Political unrest and division, lawlessness, and ethnic divisions will increase in the United States and throughout the world. One of the driving forces behind this has been and will be religious radicalism. Christians must lay aside their political agendas that are clothed in religious garb. The church must adopt the agenda of the Kingdom of God which is grace and truth flowing from the heart of love. This will quell the division and lawlessness in society.

Relationships are vital in God’s Kingdom agenda. Relationships built on genuine love between people of widely diverging opinions will be the stage on which the truth of the Kingdom of God is manifested to the world. Relationships based on doctrinal and cultural alignments will only feed the unrest and division. Saints must develop relationships across institutional, racial, religious, and cultural lines that are based on grace and truth. Evangelical Christians must get out of their evangelical bunkers and build genuine relationships with people who are “not like us. »

God is on the side of the foreigners and the poor in any nation. Evangelicals in America who continue to resist immigration reform that is based on grace will only add to the division in America and invite the judgment of God.

In the agenda of God’s Kingdom, relationships are more important than being right and more important than your own rights. Trusting alone in the God of love and walking his grace and truth will position you as an agent of change in the world and allow you to step into the place of prosperity, growth, and multiplication that is coming in 2015.

In 2015 the church must embrace the entire message of Genesis 47:27 which says: “So Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions there and grew and multiplied exceedingly.” If we are to enter into the exceeding prosperity, growth, and multiplication that follow the ending of the seven lean years, we must come to grips with our Egypt, not try to escape it.

In Egypt, Joseph was faithful to Pharaoh (who was considered to be a god) and was married to the daughter of a pagan priest. He had significant relationships with pagans. Yet Joseph always spoke the truth of God with love and grace. Moreover, he mastered the language and learning of the Egyptians, but never compromised the truth of God. He lived a life of grace and truth before the Egyptians. Consequently, his influence and the influence of God’s kingdom increased and endured for generations in Egypt.

In 2015, pulpits must resound once again with the prophetic message calling people to holiness. Pastors must lift their voice against social injustices. Preaching of grace that compromises biblical truth in order to make every lifestyle and every religion acceptable is a message of false grace. Preaching truth in way that badgers sinners and builds walls between people is a message of half truth because it obscures the greatest truth of all–the truth of God’s love that lays down its life for those sinners. And half truth is a lie.

Saints must also learn how to live a life of grace and truth before the people who are their Egypt. The world in 2015 is sick of religious people, but it is still crying out for the manifestation of the sons of God who are full of grace and truth.

If the church will raise a prophetic cry full of grace and love, announcing the truth that calls people and the nation to holiness, and if Christians will demonstrate this message daily in their Egypt, then the Kingdom of God will be increasingly manifested and the kingdom of darkness will begin to crumble more and more. In other words, the power of the cross will be activated and do its work. And the One who died and rose again shall be exalted as Lord!

In 2015 the people of God must become more creative and innovative. New ideas and new ways of thinking are to be encouraged, released, and embraced. The church must cease copying the world and start to lead the way. When that happens, the world will follow.

Education is more important now than ever. As fathers pass the baton to their sons, then both fathers and sons must begin to train the following generation together. I do not see Christian schools and universities. I see schools and universities being formed that will be Kingdom focused, and that will train and release students to see into the invisible realm and to bring heaven’s reality into business, government, medicine, education, and the arts. I see a new generation rising that, like Joseph, will master the literature and learning of the world and then be able to apply it with the wisdom and power of God.

For many years now evangelicals in the Pentecostal and Charismatic streams have challenged young people to attend ministry schools to the neglect of university training. Both are necessary for the coming season and those prepared in BOTH areas, as was Joseph, will be sought out by the Pharaohs of their Egypt and allowed to operate with Kingdom authority in every domain of society. That generation will walk on earth as in heaven.

You are in Egypt, but positioned in the country of Goshen–the land of rain and abundance. The lean years are ending. A new chapter is opening. 2015 is a jubilee year. What has been lost will be restored. Believe and receive God’s provision, growth, and multiplication in your life, finances, business, and ministry. Stand firm in faith and move forward in love. Move forward with your heart burning with the message and declaration of the old hymn:

“His banner over us is love, Our sword the Word of God;

We tread the road the saints before With shouts of triumph trod.

By faith, they like a whirlwind’s breath, Swept on o’er every field;

The faith by which they conquered death Is still our shining shield.

Faith is the victory, Faith is the victory,

Oh glorious victory that overcomes the world! »


Bill Byers shared Kingdom Glimpses’ post.

January 2, 2016

Kingdom Glimpses

Bill Byers, a dear friend and anointed teacher of the Scriptures, posted a message that I believe is a prophetic word for 2016. Please read it and if it speaks to your heart, like it and share it. Here it is below:


By Bill Byers

I awoke this morning with this scripture in my heart:

Revelation 22:11 He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.”

Those who belong to the Lord will begin coming into The Kingdom this coming year in amazing speed and in amazing circumstances . He is drawing His own to Himself …. A year of Ingathering. It is vital that we remember that we are Ambassadors not Judges. We are given the privilege of extending His Great Grace to a dark and dying world. We do not know who He will draw into His net … So we just need to cast the net, again and again… Extending His Love and Grace…

The truth is that darkness is getting deeper and The Light is becoming Brighter. There is a line of distinction that will become more apparent in this coming year. We need to step further into the Brightness of His Light. We will need a greater level of discernment even in seemingly insignificant decisions. If we will draw near to Him in the coming year He will give us insight and strategies to counter the deepening darkness with a level of Light that will dispel the darkness.

Lord open our ears to hear Your Voice with greater clarity and our eyes to clearer vision in 2016. Give us courage to take Holy Risks to advance Your Kingdom in this coming year!

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