Healing and deliverance


These teachings are given not only for personal healing and growth, but also as training to minister to others in the same area.


Inner healing & deliverance

It is a teaching where we see the difference between inner healing and deliverance and how they have to be applied together to our life to be restore and transformed into the image of Christ. We look at principles of healing and deliverance ,with practical applications, according to the need of the participants. It has two main purposes: personal healing and getting practical tools for ministry.

Isaiah 61

It is a teaching on the ministry of Jesus released to us today by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We examine the different apects of Jesus’ ministry we find listed here and we see the practical applications in our own life. We will look at the individual and collective restoration. It includes times of ministry in the specific areas that are developed through the teaching.

The works of the Cross

It is a teaching on the different applications of the work of the Cross to our life. We examine the different exchanges we can have at the Cross of Jesus. We will touch issues like: forgiveness, healing, rejection, etc. Ministry times are provided along the teaching.