It is a basic training to encourage and prepare the participants to perform a service of inner healing and deliverance. It is useful for any kind of service having as its objective the restoration of the person.

During the training each participant will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of inner healing and deliverance provided through the work of the Redemption of Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The training sessions are built on top of each other to create a complete structure, such as the construction of a building. It is therefore required full participation to all the sessions.

Tables, lists and images will be provided during the teaching.

The subject covered in the five sessions will be:

1. A brief study on the development of human personality based on biblical principles and the work of Redemption in Christ.

2. The Fatherhood of God and our position of sons and daughters

3. Healing of the human spirit

4. How to be set free from generational iniquities and their consequences in our life

5. Deliverance.

a. Demonization (definition and causes) and deliverance in Christ

b. How to move from curses to blessings in God

c. Balance between deliverance and healing